Hi, I’m Bob the Developer!

My name is Bob Lee. I’m the editor of iOS Developers Facebook Page and Bob the Developer. I teach passionate students how to create apps using the Swift Programming Langauge. I try to use analogy to explain iOS Development so that my 13-year-old sister may understand.

What I Do

I have three areas of focus. I publish articles on Saturdays, create online courses, and engage to help my readers. I’ve recently published my first Swift course, Learn Swift with Bob.


  • Initially, I was pleasantly surprised by his article because it was clear to understand. Of course, I immediately added the article to my favorites. Later I returned, and I found his YouTube channel. In the first week, I watched all the videos. You know, it's like watching a sitcom with your friend. Everything was clear, and I wanted to see more and more.

    Daniil Shvedov
    Daniil Shvedov Moscow, Russia
  • Not a lot of people can leave a huge impression on your life in the span of 1 year. However, Bob definitely did in my case. From the countless hours we spent studying chemistry together, to the times we spent coding, Bob always repeated one saying when it came to learning something, "If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it." "That’s Bob’s perspective towards life. You haven’t mastered something until you can explain it in the simplest, most coherent way possible to another person. Bob is a master of clarity.

    Justin Jose
    Justin Jose New York City, the United States
  • For the past decade, I have seen my brother as a persistent, never-give-up, and cognitive person. I have grown up to see that he always has that all around positive attitude towards his people around him. He moreover embraces all challenges and will sure to provide the best of the best service and commitment for those he cares.

    Sister Seoul, Korea
  • If only I had these materials when I was starting my journey into IOS development, the road ahead would have been shorter, clearer and most certainly more enjoyable!!!

    Oren Alalouf
    Oren Alalouf Ramat Gan Area, Israel
  • Bob is a great teacher, he explains his arguments using simple words and a playful way, so I am always waiting for more articles and videos from him to learn more each day.

    Juan Manuel
    Juan Manuel Quindío Area, Colombia
  • Bob, you are not only a great instructor you are a great human being with big heart. When there wasn't any hope, you help me to choose the right path. Your every single article, tutorial is just awesome as you are. Making tutorial and writing article ain't that big deal but yes make them more smooth and easy to realise is big deal, that how you made them great 🙂 Everyone should follow your slogan that "Learn To Contribute".

    Eashan Ashrafulzaman
    Eashan Ashrafulzaman Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • First of all let me congratulate you on the Medium articles. They’re very through and written in a concise, friendly language. I enjoy them very much. My name is Eduardo and I would like access to your swift course because I intend to become a full-time iOS developer one day, and I figure that your course would help me a lot.

    Eduardo Pacheco
    Eduardo Pacheco Mexico
  • Bob's articles are a treat for iOS developers. I got to learn a lot from his articles. Especially the analogies which he makes are simply awesome! It helps in understanding the concept very easily. 🙂 Bob is simply the best!

    Rizwan Ahmed
    Rizwan Ahmed Chennai, India
  • Bob is a very talented and unique individual. His online tutorials have greatly expanded my Swift knowledge, fast. Simple real life examples are how I learn, and Bob breaks concepts down concisely. Bob is a great teacher who has a vision to become a unique creator in life and to help others in the process. I have a solid feeling he will succeed in doing just that!

    Nam-Anh Vu
    Nam-Anh Vu Houston, The United States
  • I know Bob becasue I read iOS tutorials on Medium.  It is really impressive since his tutorials are easy for me to understand and help me solve topics that I'm in stuck with. He is the best iOS instructor I've ever known.

    Bao The
    Bao The Da Nang, Vietnam
  • As an aspiring programmer, I've found Bob's lessons invaluable. Bob's examples-based approach and simple tutorials have helped me to quickly grasp more complex concepts and immediately begin using them in my code. I'm so thankful for resources like this!

    Mark Tapia
    Mark Tapia California, The United States
  • I am an absolute Swift noob but I read a couple of your Mediums and really like your style and attention to detail. I wish you did tutorials for a language I speak. Maybe I should just learn Swift...

    Joshua Ziering
    Joshua Ziering Co-Founder Kittyhawk.io
  • Bob is a genuine person who wants to help. Keyword, wants. He doesn't hold back on advice. He literally shares. Keyword shares.

    Jayven Nhan
    Jayven Nhan Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Bob is simply awesome! His articles are to the point. What a fast learner. Since I'm self-taught, his articles are one of the top ones I refer to often. His readership at Medium has gained lots of traction. Thank you, Bob, for contributing to the iOS community!

    Annabelle Ramos
    Annabelle Ramos New York City, The United States
  • Bob, you’re a champion. Not only because you had learned about Swift programming in a short time but you’re a good person with a high level of empathy.

    Michal Lesiowski
    Michal Lesiowski Łódź, Poland
  • My son has eager passion and vision. Not only he works with responsibility, but also takes an active role in his community. I believe he will go through any adversity despite of unseen challenges within God's faith.

    Mom Seoul, Korea

My Roles

At this point, I’m the only worker. I have various roles.

  • The Developer
    The Developer

    Web development

    Video editing


  • The Marketer
    The Marketer

    Sales funnels development

    Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook


  • The Student
    The Student

    Test Driven Development

    Reactive Programming

    Protocol Oriented Programming


  • The Instructor
    The Instructor

    Lecture organization



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