For the first 13 years, I grew up in Korea. I was a decent student. I served as the class representative and did fairly well academically. On May 9th, 2009, however, many have changed. My family moved to Penang, Malaysia. I faced a problem. I had no experience with a language called, English. The barrier seemed insurmountable.  Schools rejected my applications. Although I got accepted eventually, I was bullied by upper classmates. I couldn’t defend myself physically and vocally.

Long story short, I started playing basketball and began making friends and gradually gained my confidence back. On May 2015, I graduated from a renowned international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Throughout my journey, I’ve met friends all around and traveled a dozen countries for tournaments. I was honored to receive the male athlete of the year award and the MVP of the basketball and volleyball team.

I’m 20 years old. I recently stopped pursuing a college after having rejected to transfer my major from chemical to electrical Engineering. On Sept 16, 2016, I took a 14-hour flight from NYC to Seoul, my home country. I did not tell anyone including my family because I couldn’t let any negativity bring me down when I had to figure myself out. Soon, I discovered my blessing. I have been a private teacher for the last 5 years. I’ve decided to teach what I know a little and what the world needs more: programming knowledge.

I consider myself as competitive and ruthless when it comes to my success, fulfillment, and my purpose. I will find a way to compete and innovate.

I do not complain. Complaining is for losers. I only focus on what I’m in control: myself only. I do not regret on decisions that lead to failure. Every failure is a new opportunity granted. Getting rejected to transfer my major was the luckiest incident ever happened in my life. However, I plan to go back to school next summer to pursue a degree in computer science to study AI, Machine Learning, VR, and math in order to strive for the vision.

You can know more about me in-person through Instagram @bobthedev

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you teach? To earn money or help?

Both. My goal in 2017 is to become financially independent to a point when I can pay off my college tuition in the US as an international student. Also to execute my vision, I have to raise enough funds to work with engineers. However, money isn’t the only reason that excites me. When my students and readers find my time and work valuable for their lives, I love it. I sense happiness which is the single most important standard I follow by for every major decision I pursue. Also, I’ve discovered my talent to explain seemingly intangible concepts into simple analogy along with my personal humor and story. So, I’ve decided to do what I love and what I think I’m experienced in.

How did you get started with iOS?

After my freshman year in college, I’ve always wanted to run a startup. A couple of weeks before the summer, I conducted numerous interviews with college students. Soon, I’ve found out the college students were struggling to pay a massive amount of money on textbooks. I decided to create an app that provides a student-to-student marketplace in colleges in NYC.

I want to get started with blogging. Any advice?

I wrote a blog article about how I gained 50,000 visitors per month in 10 weeks. You can read it right here.

What is your normal day like?

Since I usually wake up in the morning around 6am. I work until 12am with creative work such as writing and marketing. I eat my first and last meal 12-1. Every other day I work out from 1-3. Then I work from 3-12 on making courses, video editing, writing books. It repeats. I usually go out once a week meeting my friends.

How do I become an iOS developer, Bob?

I recently wrote an article about this. You may find this article quite discouraging, but this is how I truly think of what it takes to become one and gets paid almost a double of the national average income in the US. You can read the article right here.


I'm Bob. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I will receive your message right in my inbox!

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